New Year, New Relationship Status? 

New Year, New Relationship Status? 

Perhaps you spent your holiday break with your significant other. Maybe you even got engagaged 😱. If you did, I’m very happy for you, congratulations, all that jazz. This blog post is not for you. 

This post is for all my people that spent the holidays sans a human partner. I hope you had an abundance of animal love – I know I did. 

Maybe you and your significant other went your separate ways over the holidays. I went to a wedding over the holidays without a plus 1 (Originally I had a date – you get the picture) . I was the only person without a date apart from the cluster of children that went with their parents. So that was fun. 

In North America – and I am sure other “first world” capitalist countries, there is a very apparent emphasis on the “holiday” season. Up until December 25 you are bombarded with advertisements across various media outlets about buying the “perfect” give for your loved ones. On December 26, advertisements had already started asking “Didn’t get what you wanted this Christmas??? That’s OK! Come sell your unwanted items here _______ for cash to get the gifts you REALLY wanted!” Sigh. There is so much pressure for people to buy love during the holidays, and pressure to expect the most from your partner. It can be very stressful and inevitably disappointing. 

Then you have New Years. Like high school prom, it is over rated, over priced, and never turns out how you plan. If you are able to execute a perfectly planned new years without any disruptions or changes of plans, and you actually have a good time, then I admire you and applaud your efforts wholeheartedly. 

My kiss at midnight was with my dog. 
Happy 2017